Bounty Hunting for Rare and Deadly Reptiles


Offering a bounty to the public is a sure-fire way to generate publicity, even more so when it can get you killed, as is the case with capturing giant reptiles, or unleashingOctober surprises.

Reptile Gardens of Black Hills South Dakota is offering up to $100,000 for the capture and delivery of a variety of scaly beasts.

It looks like PR Director John Brockelsby is looking for an edge over other state attractions such as World’s largest drug store, the Petrified Wood Park or the “more than a head” Chief Crazy Horse Memorial: “If you are gutsy enough to attempt the hunt and capture, do your best to size up the animal before putting your life at risk”

The Disclaimer on the site advises caution, and proper permits. It also offers a tip–grow your own:

“Or, you could avoid the difficulty involved in obtaining the proper permits and the risky task of hunting one in the wild by getting yourself a baby and raising it to a prize size – although the neighbors might take exception to having a 25 foot croc in your backyard!”

So far the stunt isn’t drawing much publicity, except for the Black Hills Today newspaper site. Now that he’s done dispatching campaign spokespeople, maybe CNN’s Rick Sanchez can join the hunt for an 800-pound tortoise or a giant croc to help out the fledgling zoo.