Booshaka Social Search Catagorizes Facebook Pages For Browsing Updates

Booshaka is a new Facebook search engine and trend aggregator. Users can search through publicly available personal and Page updates and view them according to what’s most recent, most popular in terms of likes, most buzz, or trending now.

What differentiates Booshaka is that it has classified many popular Pages into categories and sub categories. Users can browse updates of “Games” Pages, or more specific sub categories like “Console” or “Social Games”. Booshaka provides a new way to follow updates about specific keywords or interest topics without having to like any Pages.

When a user searches for something or clicks a category, they’re shown results which are ranked by Booshaka’s trending percentage. This percentage is determined through a combination of how recent, how popular, and how much buzz a post has. Search results on Booshaka show the author, their profile picture, the post’s context, and a preview of content if the post contains a link. Below it shows statistics such as when the post was made, how many likes and comments it has, and its trending and buzz percentages. Links allow a user to quickly like, share, or tweet any search result, or like the search or category itself, which subscribes them to a feed of the results.

While other social search engines like Open Facebook Search and OneRiot also let users search through public Facebook content, it’s Booshaka’s categorizations that make it special. Facebook itself does not categorize Pages, leaving users with no way to find Pages or updates from across a topic or industry they’re interested in. Booshaka lets users browse for the highest quality content posted to Facebook by that category or sub categoriy’s most popular Pages. The “Deals” category has sub categories for different cities like NYC, LA, and San Francisco; and “Brands” is divided into industries like retail outlets such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot, technology like YouTube and Intel, and food/beverages like Coca-Cola and Kraft.

Instead of liking the Yankees, Mets, and Braves, and getting lots of low quality updates, a baseball fan could browse the Major League Baseball category for only highly liked stories. The categories feature could be especially helpful to reporters covering a specific beat, or marketers trying to keep up with promotional trends in their industry. Booshaka has brought human understanding to a product class often dominated by algorithms. The result is an innovative, fun and useful way to consume Facebook updates.