Boomers Are On the Social Web

Yesterday I spent a large portion of the day at the Boomer Business Summit. While on a panel, I asked the crowd how many people were on Facebook and how many people were on a social network in general. Over half the crowd was on a social network and close to 50 percent were on Facebook. It was pretty surprising. This was also a biased sample because they had come to the panel on social networking for Boomers.

The main lesson that I learned was that this crowd was a highly active group of people that may be wiser but don’t feel older. They are young at heart and still exploring what the world has to offer. I told one person that it’s unfortunate that curiosity is now a unique trait and that I’m pleasantly surprised when I meet a group of inquisitive individuals. This group of people for the most part were involved in leveraging these new technologies to create buzz for their businesses.

There was only one person that I met that was still resisting the changing going on around him but even he wanted to know how to find the most influential blogs in his market (even though he knowingly only read one blog, Perez Hilton). While I often think of early adopters as young individuals, I met a number of early adopters while at the conference including one Boomer who was highly active on Twitter.

The lesson learned is don’t ignore this group of individuals. They are a massive market and you may be surprised just how youthful they still are (I hope this doesn’t sound too much like a young person’s analysis). Also, this group won’t be retiring anytime soon. So don’t forget about this crowd when developing your product or service even if it is on the web.