Book View Cafe Partners with Smashwords

Book View Cafe, the all-eBook press that publishes fantasy and sci-fi and other genre-fiction titles, and which we reported on about a month ago, has announced a partnership with Smashwords to distribute its eBooks. Book View Cafe is a collective in which, as one of the members told eBookNewser last month, “everyone contributes to the daily running of the site, either by contributing technical skills, or taking part in the on-going PR outreach.”

The partnership covers both works by the members of the collective as well as the original titles that the collective publishes under its Book View Press imprint. Book View Cafe has titles by Ursula LeGuin among other well-known authors in its catalog.

Smashwords founder Mark Coker told eBookNewser that, “I think it serves as further evidence that bigger name authors are beginning
to realize how easy it is to bring their unpublished and out-of-print/reverted-rights works to life as ebooks at Smashwords.”

Big names aside, certainly indie authors and presses are showing more and more interest in sites like Smashwords. Look out for more on this site in this Friday’s installment of eBookNewser’s Making of An eBook Series.