Bluenity, a Social Network for Travellers Takes Off

If you’re a frequent flyer and is a regular passenger of KLM and and Air France, you might want to check out Bluenity, the first social network for travellers. Bluenity is also the first social network launched and supported by two major airlines with the aim of building a community of frequent flyers and customers.Just don’t mind the striking resemblance to Facebook (that is the Blue theme), Bluenity is a full-featured niche social networking site with an opportunity to take off and flies well as a premiere social network in its choosen niche. As a social networking site for travellers, Bluenity lets you communicate with and meet people who travel with Air France and KLM. But the site is open to those who uses other airlines as well. If you become a member of Bluenity, that would keep you busy during stop-overs or while waiting for your boarding time and in the comforts of airport wifi hotspots and Internet hubs. Who knows you might even encounter a fellow passenger who happens to be a Bluenity member as well. Imagine the possibilities, eh?

While Bluenity may just be your usual niche social network, the sites other featured contents are definitely useful for frequent travellers. You can stumble upon great travel tips and comments regarding a specific place in your destination country, places to avoid and spots to visits and all sorts of valuable travel-related information.

Registration is free of course at Bluenity. So, like we said if you’re a frequent flyer, you could probably make use of the site’s one or two features. Have a safe and fun travel folks!

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