‘Blue Ivy’ Agencies Making the Most of It

BlueIvyCommunications, in an attempt to ride the way of Blue Ivy-mania surrounding the birth of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s little one, has issued a press release offering crisis comms tips to Lenox Hill Hospital. The hospital has been publicly criticized by non-famous parents of NICU patients and others for the treatment they’ve received in Lenox Hill’s efforts to protect the privacy of the Carters.

If your head isn’t swimming with all of the news surrounding this story — A baby was born! And then the parents took it home! — you’ll recall the Ad Age story about Blue Ivy Events. The company shares the same name with the famous newborn, which means its Google ranking may have gone down, but its mentions in TMZ went up. Note: These aren’t the same companies.

Blue Ivy Events is Boston-based and has a picture of Bey and Jay on its homepage (above). BlueIvyCommunications is in South Florida and has modestly kept its connection to the superstars off the homepage, but you can read more about how the name was chosen (and the media hits it has gotten) on its webpages. We may be at 14 minutes 30 seconds right about now.