BlogCatalog Joins the US Election Fever

Look who’s joining the US election party? The social blog directory BlogCatalog has just announced its own Political Channel which aggregates the US Presidentiable debate, builds like minded communities and engages millions of members in the political process.

BlogCatalog’s Political Channel aims to provide a window into the minds of mainstream bloggers who happen to be ordinary American folks who are communicating, sharing and influencing millions of blog readers on BlogCatalog.

It features:

  • An Exclusive Political Discussion Area – designed to be a place where conversations flow freely, and where bloggers are engaging with one another
  • Political Posts Highlighted – designed to highlight the members latest political posts and enabling readers to browse and search all political posts
  • Political Search – provide an insiders view into what BlogCatalog bloggers are saying, about the election and other hot political topics, across a large number of social networks including on twitter, digg and stumbleupon, their own blogs and the BlogCatalog discussions
  • Political Groups – join or create a political group. Political groups are highly focused, mini-discussion areas designed for you to connect at a closer level with other politically minded bloggers, or simply read what politically minded bloggers are saying about more specific issues and parties.
  • Political Bloggers – If you are a political blogger you may want to login to your BlogCatalog account and review the category in which your blog is placed as we have added a number of new political subcategories to the blog directory.

Checkout BlogCatalog’s Political Channel.