“Bill Shock” From Roaming Charges Driving UK Users Into Serious Debt

Phone ScamCitizens Advice, a UK charity is warning mobile users about a debt epidemic: Bill Shock. The organization said, last year, it received calls from as many as 100,000 consumers seeking advice on how to deal with unusually large phone bills. Some victims were dealing with charges in excess of £10,000, sometimes from stolen phones or from roaming charges incurred from international travel.

Citizens Advice’s cheif executive, Gillian Guy, said, “Mobile companies are hanging their customers out to dry with shock phone bills. Some people are facing bills of hundreds or thousands of pounds.” As a result, the organization is seeking to change the EU’s policy for roaming charges:

The European Union are taking action to make it harder to accidentally spend too much money abroad. Under theConnected Continent package, which is currently making its way through the European Parliament, there will be a single market in telecoms. Mobile operators will have to either charge the same for their services anywhere in the EU, or allow their customers to suspend their contract and temporarily change provider while they’re travelling.



Until real policies are enacted, Citizens Advice is available to all UK citizens who need advice on how to deal with extraneous mobile charges.