Beyond the Box Updated in Anticipation of Fall Sports Season

beyond the box 650

Sports app Beyond the Box has been updated to version 2.4, giving users new features in time for the start of the Fall sports season. The Twitter and Instagram-powered app gives users access to news about their favorite sports teams from 7,000 media sources, which includes content from sports stars’ personal Twitter and Instagram accounts.

screen1136x1136While the app presents users with “general” news feeds for the NFL, NCAA football and basketball, WNBA, NHL and more, users can customize their feed with content from their favorite team(s) across these sports. When tapping on a news feed, users are shown an aggregated stream of Instagram images, tweets, news articles and other content about that team or sport. Again, this is a combination of third-party news articles, and content direct from a team’s official social media accounts or players. Tapping on a preview brings up the full content for complete viewing.

Beyond the Box’s newest update has introduced several new features to the experience, along with an improved visual design which includes team-themed browsers and menus. Specifically, this changes the colors of the app’s user interface in connection with the team feed a user is browsing (ie: red and gold for the San Francisco 49ers). This new version of the app supports Instagram videos from teams, players and fans, and also introduces instant sharing of content with friends. This social update gives users the option to share photos, videos and links with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, text or email.

Finally, the app’s new “sports portal” feature gives users links to popular league and team websites for the NBA, NFL and MLB. When tapping on a website, these open within the app’s browser, so users don’t have to leave the app.

At launch last year, Beyond the Box was only available on iPad devices, but the app is available to download for free on iPhone as well. An Android version is currently in development.