Better Mobile Web Surfing With Zumobi

Zumobi is looking to make Web-based content more accessible by introducing a new Internet unit known as a “tile.” It’s basically a visual representation of your favorite site, offering nuggets of information when clicked on.zumobi_1Now you can make any mobile device look a bit more like an iPhone.

The high-frame rate tile interface makes browser loading delays a thing of the past. (Well, it will be a thing of the past on December 14 when the beta version launches.) Advanced background data caching technology makes Zumobi different, letting the user continue to interact with their favorite sites – even if they move “out of range” with their mobile device.

An open platform that is device-neutral should draw in large crowds looking to build mobile applications that can eventually become profitable.

A secondary function of the site is to allow groups of friends to create and share tiles, thus virally marketing applications and Web sites.

Slashing download times and making the mobile Web pretty might be a recipe for success. Cause as the New York Times recently pointed out, the mobile Internet still has a long way to go before it’s considered fully functional.

Visit the Zumobi Web site now to register for the beta.