Betable teams with WorldPay for payment processing in real-money games

Image via Betable

Payment processing company WorldPay has announced its partnership with Betable, bringing WorldPay’s payment processing, fraud detection and risk services to Betable’s real-money-gaming development platform. Betable allows developers to bring real-money gaming to their applications, while the WorldPay integration will improve the user experience in these apps via its support for multiple payment methods.

“Betable is the only platform that provides game developers with the unprecedented opportunity to offer real-money play within their own games,” said Shane Happach, Chief Commercial Officer at WorldPay, in a company statement. “Powering Betable’s services with WorldPay’s payment processing functionality assures developers that when their users opt to play their games for real-money their transaction success will be maximized.”

The first time a user plays a Betable-powered game, they’ll be taken through a registration process,which will guide them through the deposit of funds into their Betable Wallet. This wallet now offers more payment methods thanks to the WorldPay partnership. Of course, these players must live in an area where online gambling is legal, with Betable itself being licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Developers including Big Fish Games have previously partnered with Betable to take advantage of real-money gaming in the UK, with Betable powering the real-money gaming in Big Fish Casino UK, as one example.

Real-money gaming in the US hasn’t reached the level of that in the UK, but platforms like Small-Bet look to bring the US one step closer. For instance, Small-Bet’s wagering platform allows iOS game developers to introduce real-money betting to players, as users can place wagers on skill-based activities, like quizzes. In this way, these platforms avoid the regulations and restrictions of a gambling operation, because skill is required to succeed, as opposed to luck.

More information about Betable and WorldPay can be found on each company’s website.