Being Someones Social Media Sherpa

I have a great life, I am in a profession I love and I get to help people do their best. I help people navigate the world of social media and communications. My job allows me freedom of expression and the chance to guide people into an exciting world.

The reason I bring this up is that anyone can do what I do. Think of the social media hold outs you have as friends or family. Think about how much easier your life would be if they would join a social network.

I am suggesting that you become a Social Media Sherpa. Take it upon yourself to guide a friend or loved one up the path of social networking. Use the knowledge you have to help them steer clear of pitfalls that you fell into (20 songs that opened up automatically on Myspace?).

By helping someone else with social media you are solving two problems. One, your friend or loved one will be easier to stay in touch with. I would talk to my mom and dad every day if they could use twitter or even email with some confidence.

Two, you will actually will become a better user of social media. By talking out the finer points of social media with a friend you will become more aware of how best to use social media and in turn become a more active user.

Becoming a Social Media Sherpa is easy and rewarding. I suggest everyone take it upon themselves to find one person who needs guidance and help them out. Do you have it in you to be a Social Media Sherpa?If so let me know.

Tell me how you have helped someone enjoy social media and we can help others together. If you have any tips for our readers on how to get friends more involved in social media share them here.