Behavioral Targeting: ‘It’s Only Going to Get Creepier’

Behavioral targeting is a buzz word in mobile advertising these days. Cell phones give advertisers access to data they’ve never had before, since they can not only track local searches, what videos a subscriber watches, and so on, but they also can potentially access the handset’s GPS chipset.

So we’re not surprised that David Martin, the director of interactive media for Ignited, predicted “It’s only going to get creepier” during the OMMA Behavioral conference on Monday, MediaPost reports. He said that “today’s behavioral marketing is just a taste of what’s to come.”

On the plus side, Martin emphasized that marketers will also move to moderate the discipline in ways that protect privacy. Still, Martin said that “Minority Report isn’t so far away,” including the delivery of behaviorally targeted advertising in public places, according to the report.

“Digital and addressable media will go from just your PC to your living room, your kids at school, in your car, at work,” Martin said. According to the article, he predicted that this would essentially mean a coordination of behavioral targeting, mobile distribution and “place-based video or interactive digital displays.”

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