Become a master of the skies in Aircraft Empire on iOS


All Aliens Must Die developer Piraya Mobile has launched its second game on iOS, Aircraft Empire. The game challenges players to create and manage their own airline, complete with over 200 planes available for collection. The game combines airplane management with city-building, as users will build cafes, hotels and more for increased income and passenger flow.

In Aircraft Empire, players expand their airline a single plane at a time, with each plane requiring its own landing pad. These pads and planes can be customized with new paint schemes for increased productivity, with planes also generating different amounts of money and experience points when in operation.

Using fuel (which can be purchased with free currency), players send their planes on routes around the world to earn money and keep passengers happy. The more flights players process, the more mastery points those individual plane types will accumulate. As players unlock additional types of planes, they can combine these in the research lab to produce even more advanced models.


“We are really excited to bring Aircraft Empire to millions of players around the world,” said Piraya Mobile VP of Products, Yang Lin. “We are sure that players will love running their own airport and working together with friends to build their own airline. We think they’ll also get a real surprise when they see some of the interesting features we have in store when they progress a little further into the game.”

Aircraft Empire is available to download for free on iPhone and iPad. You can follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.