Because 140 Characters Is Just Too Many…

The folks over at marketing firm CKPcreative think 140 characters is far too many for the needs of today’s communicators, so they’ve come up with an alternative to Twitter. They’re calling it twittwo, giving users just two characters to communicate.

“It occurred to me that less could be more – and twittwo was born,” says CKPcreative’s president, Craig Peters in a press release. Some of the examples of two character tweets from twittwo’s “community:”

at = location, as in: where you at?
oy = disbelief, as in: oy, vey, you did what?
za = pizza, as in: wanna bring some ‘za to the party?

If nothing else, the creativity behind twittwo might bring CKPcreative new clients which currently include the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus.