Be a Part of Social Media Week

The organizers of Social Media Week — scheduled for Feb. 7-11 in New York, London, San Francisco, Toronto, São Paulo, Paris, and Rome, with two or three cities to be added — are looking for more companies to Get Involved.

Crowdcentric CEO and Social Media Week founder and executive director Toby Daniels said in an email that opportunities exist to curate and host events; speak and present; design workshops; set up interviews; sponsor events; provide editorial coverage; and participate on the local host committees.

The local city partners for the February event are Entrinsic for Toronto, Chinwag for London, Sixpix Content for São Paulo, Swirl Integrated Marketing and Social Media Club for San Francisco, and La Netscouade for Paris.

For more information, see the Get Involved in Social Media Week page or email Crowdcentric vice president and Social Media Week global director Ben Scheim at