Battle Command: Spacetime Games releases massively multiplayer combat strategy game on mobile

Image via Spacetime Studios

Pocket Legends developer Spacetime Games has announced the launch of its newest mobile game, the massively multiplayer combat strategy title Battle Command. The game is a continuation of Spacetime Games’ focus on releasing large-scale mobile titles for a ‘core’ or ‘hardcore’ audience.

Battle Command is set in the near future, as players take command of a mismatched group of soldiers with the ability to fight, but a severe lack in leadership. Players must build their base and train their army to go to war against other players in a never-ending battle for total domination.

Battle Command gives players access to more than 20 offensive units, like grenadiers, commandoes and spies, as well as tanks, jeeps, drones and other assault vehicles and aircraft. Players can built 10 defensive weapons for their base, including gun turrets and mortars. Each unit and item has its own strengths and weaknesses, challenging gamers to use strategy to find the most success in battle.

The game features both a single-player, story-driven campaign and a player-vs-player battle mode. Players can even compete against their own base to test for weaknesses (without losing troops), or watch battle replays to further learn from past gameplay.

Friends can form alliances with other players, stationing troops in each other’s bases for additional defense, while also sharing resources and improving the build times of new items. Those ties can be formed across iOS and Android, as all gamers play on the same server.

Battle Command is now available to download for free on iOS and Android. Check back soon to track the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.