Basebook Uses Facebook To Link Military Families Separated By Relocation

Military troops, veterans, and spouses can now reconnect with relocated friends through a new Facebook application called Military Basebook. The app allows users to set up profiles based on where they’ve been stationed and find former friends and colleagues who’ve also spent time on those bases.

Creator Josh Kayser has found the application to be especially popular among military husbands and wives who get shuffled from base to base often with their enlisted significant others. Kayser recently told military news site Stars and Stripes that he wanted to give those affected by the numerous moves a way to keep in touch.

“We’ve found that this is really popular for spouses,” said Kayser, who works for a company that helps veterans and retirees with their benefits. “We’re finding they are getting the most benefit, the ones most excited about the application.”

Basebook has gained several thousand users in the few weeks of its existence, but its future may be threatened by the recent questions surrounding access to social networking sites for military personnel. The Marines, who are often in the most remote bases and shuffled from post to post, have already issued a ban on sites like Facebook.

However, applications like Basebook fuel the argument that there are many positive aspects to social networking pertaining to the military, and it will be interesting to see how the Department of Defense responds as sites like gain popularity.