“Baseball Nerd” Olbermann Blogging on MLB.com

Before he became the top-rated host on MSNBC, Keith Olbermann was a sports guy — one half of arguably the most famous SportsCenter duo ever with Dan Patrick.
Now the Countdown host is back talking about sports (he also talks sports on NBC’s Football Night in America). Olbermann is currently blogging on MLB.com, titled “Baseball Nerd,” writing lengthy posts about America’s pastime.
Some posts give deep analysis into issues like why so many home runs have been hit at the new Yankee Stadium (Olbermann attended the first six games ever played there), while others are more personal. One includes pictures of his girlfriend, Katy Tur, and his nephew at the ballpark.
Olbermann, while not a Twitterer, does have another blog, on The Daily Kos.