BandPage Cruises Up This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Games by MAU

While the old version of Phrases is quickly losing users, Phrases (new), the revamped version, is keeping developer Takeoff Monkey’s numbers fairly steady. But neither app is the most interesting story on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users. That would be BandPage by RootMusic, which gained 1.8 million new MAU in the week period.

The reason for such a sharp increase, though, is in part due to a Facebook Insights bug that resulted in traffic to Page applications temporarily not appearing. See our coverage last week for more details.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Phrases (new)16,725,006+2,560,643+18%
2. BandPage by RootMusic11,579,444+1,785,833+18%
3. Birthday Calendar1,750,294+1,749,507+222,301%
4. Tag Friends5,872,541+1,609,116+38%
5. JibJab3,271,035+1,043,010+47%
6. phrases 4 fun2,915,827+987,441+51%
7. Badoo4,349,161+944,842+28%
8. Vegas City3,603,126+856,191+31%
9. Game of Truth1,979,356+689,544+53%
10. City of Wonder7,059,673+615,833+10%
11. Frontier Bonuses1,007,078+610,316+154%
12. FrontierVille29,872,423+601,010+2%
13. Island God2,074,902+559,441+37%
14. Bar World1,180,819+545,008+86%
15. Hollywood City3,634,751+527,276+17%
16. Epic Fighters1,214,743+493,369+68%
17. Welcome Tab for pages2,622,623+466,965+22%
18. Social Fun6,177,296+463,873+8%
19. Mighty Pirates1,026,557+445,283+77%
20. Farm Bonuses444,768+388,336+688%

BandPage is emerging as the winner of the competition to create a full-featured Page app for bands on Facebook. At the rate BandPage is growing, the app could eventually rival MySpace, which has held onto bands as one of its specialties that keeps users coming back.

Birthday Calendar sounds like the typical important date reminder app, but it’s actually a bit more; with it, you can generate a full year’s calendar showing the birthday of every friend in your network. The downside is that Calendar’s growth comes from tagging every one of your friends that it can in the generated calendar photos, a fantastically spammy technique that brought in all 1.7 million users in about five days.

Finally, Badoo has replaced Are You Interested? as Facebook’s growing Hot-or-Not style dating app, picking up almost a million users over the week. With such impressive growth stats, it’s surprising that more apps of this type aren’t on Facebook.