Baldwin Kind of Apologizes, Zynga Wins

Alec Baldwin has used his column on The Huffington Post to further explain the little incident that became the big international story — his expulsion from an American Airlines flight the other day.

After apologizing to fellow travelers who may have been “inconvenienced” by the brouhaha, he addresses the airline directly.

“I suppose a part of my frustration lay with the fact that I had flown American for over 20 years and was brand loyal, in the extreme,” Baldwin writes. He then continues to talk about the tendency for passengers these days to use their electronic devices until the last minute and the ways in which air travel has become “inelegant.”

One passenger did report that the plane had to return to the gate because of the incident, so the inconvenience was very real. While tweaking the actor (and other celebs) who don’t know how to act when they can’t do what they want (the statement from American Airlines says that’s what prompted Baldwin’s ejection), the incident prompted The Economist to take up NYT reporter Nick Bilton’s point about these devices being of no interference to the flying of the plane.

The big winner here is Zynga, who sniffed out a PR opportunity and grabbed it like a Christmas cookie. After creatively tweeting “Let Alec Play,” it has become a popular hashtag. Online activity surrounding Words With Friends has leaped over the past few days and stories about the game have introduced it to new users.