Bahrain Activist Sentenced To Three Months In Jail For Tweeting Insults

Charged with tweeting insulting comments about the Prime Minister, a Bahrain activist has been sentenced to three months behind bars.

As the BBC reports, Nabeel Rajab has been tried and sentenced to three months in jail for comments he made on Twitter.

Rajab was arrested three weeks ago for his comments and other charges, and was held until his hearing Monday.

The prosecution spent those three weeks investigating complaints that he “…talked on social networks about the people of Muharraq in a way that questioned their patriotism and insulted them.”

Specifically, he tweeted that the Prime Minister of Bahrain should step down, and that the people of Muharraq only supported him because he offered them subsidies.

Human Rights Watch says that a number of the complaints about Rajab were from citizens of Muharraq who had ties to the military and police. The group also argued on behalf of Rajab that his comments should be protected as free speech given their political nature.

The Washington Post reports the Rajab was also fined 300 dinars, or about $800 USD, for comments he made against the Ministry of Interior in June.

This is not the first time someone has been sentenced to jail time for tweeting negative comments towards the Bahrain government. Nasser Abdul was sued and detained for tweeting against the Bahrain ruling family, and Hamad al-Naqi was sentenced to an astonishing 10 years in prison for his tweeted insults against Bahrain rulers.

(Jailed image via Shutterstock)