Back to school = back on Facebook?


As the school year begins, are parents (and students) spending more time on Facebook?

According to Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Marin Software, around this time of year, clicks on Facebook ads tend to have a huge spike. Looking back at 59 million Facebook ad clicks throughout 2013, the company found that activity takes off as summer gives way to fall. Marin also examined ad clicks for Google and Bing in the same time frame, finding that Facebook really charges ahead around the time of back to school.

In July 2013, Facebook experienced its second lowest volume of ad clicks at a level 25 percent below the baseline (January). But after that, Facebook ads are much more active. From July to August, there’s a 38 percent upswing.

Marin Software feels that this spike is due to parents having more time once their kids are back in school. Additionally, college students could be using the site more around that time too.

Brian Lee, Marketing Research Analyst at Marin, described this trend to Inside Facebook. He found that Bing users tend to skew older, while Facebook’s userbase is a bit younger. Those demographics play a role in the seasonal popularity:

The biggest thing here is the difference in demographics, as well as how they’re affected by seasonality year-round. Whereas people on Facebook might tend to be on vacation in the summer months, they won’t be on Facebook as much, when they’re outside.

In July, you’re off running around. If you’re a student, you’re not in school. If you are a parent of a student, your kids aren’t in school. You’re not involved in Facebook as much as you normally would. The interesting thing is, Bing and Google when you factor in mobile. I may go on vacation, but odds are, I’m still searching while I’m on vacation.

Here’s a look at the chart Marin compiled from the data.

seasonalityofclicksReaders: Do you find yourself on Facebook more during the school year?

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