Say Hello To Baby #HashtagJameson: A Little Girl With (Obviously) Twitter-Addicted Parents

We told you the history of the hashtag earlier today – and now we have a momentous event to add to its chronology: the first baby named Hashtag.

A little girl named Hashtag Jameson, to be precise. Her nickname will be #. Kind of like Prince (when he went haywire and did that weird symbol thing), but pronounceable.

This must be a joke. Please let it be a joke?

The Daily Dot reports that “Hashtag Jameson popped into this world on Saturday evening at around 10 o’clock, a precious little bird weighing eight pounds and possessing at least seven fingers—the full extent of what the only identifying picture shows.”

Lovely that she “weys” eight pounds, hmm? Has to be a hoax. Yes, I’ll keep saying that in the sincere hope that it is. And if it isn’t, will anyone be surprised if she ends up a little psychotic later in life? Or the next toddler in a tiara? Someone should find this child if only to keep her on the radar.

The image appears to have originated from this man, but he found it online apparently.

It also turned up on We reached out to Awkward Messages on its Facebook page (as we imagine many have at this point) asking if they knew whether or not this really happened. We’ll update this post when we hear back.

Do you think it’s real? Or do you know that it isn’t? Reach out!

And don’t you think “Tweety” would’ve been a better choice?

(Baby image from Shutterstock)