Baby Boy Drowns While Mother's On Facebook (UPDATED)

Shannon Johnson faces an arraignment tomorrow for her son's death last September. He drowned while she was playing Cafe World on the social network.

People’s addiction to Facebook can have some disturbing consequences, like the case of Shannon Johnson. The 34-year-old in Fort Lupton, Colorado was arraigned January 14 for her son’s death on September 20. He drowned while she was playing Cafe World on the social network. She’s being held on a $100,000 bail for a felony charge of child abuse and knowingly or recklessly causing death.

Actually, she was multitasking on Facebook, checking a friend’s status and sharing videos, in addition to playing Cafe World, while sitting in the living room, according to an ABC news affiliate in the Denver area.

She told police that her son had been playing in the bathtub for ten minutes, during which time she’d checked him once. After a three minute stretch in which she couldn’t hear him play, she went to the bathroom to check and discovered him floating sideways with his face down. She grabbed the boy out of the water and heard gurgling.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen more violent deaths related to Facebook, including many instances of people getting angry about online postings. But the tragic death of the one-year-old in the Denver area brings to mind one of the most trafficked posts of all time on All Facebook: The mother who killed her baby for crying during a FarmVille game.

Both of these mothers had such deep addictions to social games that their children’s lives were lost as a result. Granted, the Denver mother was simply negligent, while the FarmVille murderess had more serious problems.

Do cases like these two indicate that it’s possible to be too addicted to social games? Could the tragedies have been prevented if the mothers had gotten addiction treatment?