Ayopa Games Releases Flowerpop Adventures on iOS

flowerpop 650W.E.L.D.E.R. developer Ayopa Games has released its newest game on iOS devices: Flowerpop Adventures. The pachinko-style puzzle game sees players completing colorful levels by removing colored flowers from the screen. Players have a limited number of shots to hit these flowers in each level, with these shots coming in the form of squirrels.

Flowerpop Adventures offers gameplay similar to that of Peggle, or the also recently released Pako King: DreamWorks Adventures on mobile. In each level, players are presented with an assortment of flowers, vines, non-movable obstacles, beehives, explosive barrels and other items on the screen, with the goal being to pop all of the level’s blue flowers before running out of shots.

Pink levels typically surround these blue flowers, and must be hit three times before they’ll vanish from the screen. Each time a pink flower is hit, it changes shape and releases Flowerdust, a pink currency that is used in a machine back at the main menu to create new items for the player’s avatar.

A bucket moves back and forth across the bottom of the screen, and landing the squirrel in this bucket saves the shot, so players haven’t lost a “move.” What’s more, earning a large number of points in a single shot rewards players with extra shots. Gamers are required to earn at least one star (of three) on each level, along with completing any secondary goals, in order to progress. When these goals are completed, any remaining moves are turned into bonus points, and remaining items on the board turn into acorns, which fall into bonus point buckets at the bottom of the screen.

Players have access to power-ups as they play, including extended aiming trajectory lines, extra move bundles, and a larger bucket at the bottom of the screen, increasing the chance they’ll save their shot(s). An energy system limits the length of a single gameplay session. Players can wait for energy to recharge automatically over time, or purchase it instantly with coins (real money).flowerpop 650 2Levels are split into “islands,” and if players can earn all three stars on each individual level on an island, they unlock a special Starfall level for play.

Back at the main menu, players can spend their collected Flowerdust on the Dream Machine, a slot machine of sorts that gives players a chance to win new clothing items, power-ups for use during play, and more. These avatar clothing items include options for making players look like snow women, pirates, hockey players and more. In addition to basic clothing items, hats and hair pieces are also available to complete a look. While some items are available for creation in the Dream Machine, others can be purchased directly from the game’s store using coins. Once dressed for success, users can take a picture of their avatar and share it with friends on Facebook. Users can also compare their scores to their friends’ via Facebook-supported leaderboards.

Flowerpop Adventures is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. It’s currently featured as a Best New Game on the platform.