Average revenue per download dips to $0.20 in iTunes App Store — Asymco

The average revenue generated per iOS app has decreased, according to Apple analyst Horace Dediu of Asymco, who estimates iOS developers are currently earnings $0.20 in revenue for every app downloaded, down from the lifetime average of $0.24.

By plotting Apple’s developer payment updates and cumulative download totals, Dediu has been able to calculate the average revenue generated by each app downloaded over the lifetime of the App Store. He estimates the payout rate has decreased over the last six months, dropping the average amount of revenue generated by an app download to $0.20. This drop may be due to seasonal affects, he says, as the majority of iPhone purchases come in the second half of the year, and new buyers are more likely to download and pay for apps.

Even so, Dediu says iTunes developers are still earning more year-over-year from the App Store. He estimates Apple is paying out approximately $230 million a month and $7.5 million a day to developers.  Earlier in the week Dediu predicted the iTunes App store would generate $4.3 billion in sales during 2012, assuming that each app downloaded would generate $0.24 cents of revenue.

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