Automatically Change Android Wallpaper

One of the things that I like about Windows 7 are the themes that change the wallpaper on my desktop automatically. I recently created some profiles in Tasker that change the wallpaper on my Nexus One at specific times throughout the day, but the profiles only use the pictures that I specify. Today I learned about a free Android app called Wallpaper Rotator on Lifehacker that automatically changes the wallpaper on Android phones at specified time intervals.

Wallpaper Rotator uses pictures that are on the storage card in the phone or from a Flickr account. In my testing I was not successful in getting Wallpaper to work with my Flickr account, though I don’t find that to be a problem because I don’t want it to load pictures from Flickr. If you want to have Wallpaper Rotator load the pictures that you take with the camera on your phone, select the DCIM folder. If you wish to use pictures that you take using another camera that you copy to your phone, I recommend resizing the pictures to 640 x 480 because I found that Wallpaper Rotator will not use pictures that are too large, reporting that there isn’t enough memory to load the picture.

You can configure Wallpaper Rotator to change the wallpaper as frequently as every 10 seconds or as long as once a week. The app provides a warning that changing the wallpaper faster than every 30 seconds can cause the phone to slow down. I also suspect that frequently changing the wallpaper will drain the phone’s battery so I recommend using the one hour interval as the fastest setting. Unfortunately, Wallpaper does not allow you to specify a specific time setting and the only hour long frequencies are every hour or every six hours, so I have set the frequency on my phone to every six hours.