AT&T Finally Offers “Free” Starbucks Wi-Fi

Starbucks coffee shops across the country are offering two hours of free Wi-Fi Internet service through AT&T, CNET News reports. This caps a month-long, quiet roll-out by the nation’s largest cell phone carrier.

However, in order to get the free service, “customers must buy a Starbucks Reward Card with a minimum of $5 credit on it,” the report said. “Customers also must sign up for the free Wi-Fi online at To keep the card active, customers must also use their Starbucks Card at least once a month.”

That’s not exactly free, for those of us who are counting—though Starbucks will also throw new members a voucher for a free drink.

The free AT&T Wi-Fi offer comes as Starbucks phases out a seven-year relationship with T-Mobile, the report said. Existing T-Mobile customers will still be able to sign in.