10 Little Known Facts About Atlanta Facebook Users

Atlanta MapThe State Capital of Georgia is the ninth largest city in the country. Atlanta is a top business city, and it has one of the busiest airports in the world. The city is home to many Fortune 500 companies, extremely talented musicians, excellent educational opportunities, tough sports teams, and a rich history. The sites and sounds of the city are something to witness, and we have researched the continually growing city’s Facebook users to find some interesting little-known tidbits. Check out the findings below.


There are about 3,480,480 Facebook users in the Atlanta area. 43% of those users are male. An estimated 22% of Atlanta Facebook users are in their ’30s.



Hometown baseball team the Atlanta Braves have over 87,000 fans in the area. As the race for first place continues in the NL East, second place team the Philadelphia Phillies have a surprising 7,000 fans in town. Who are you rooting for to take the NL East division this year?

On the football field, the Atlanta Falcons have about 33,160 fans from the area. Here’s to hoping for a big year from Quarterback Matt Ryan.


Georgia Tech has about 69,000 grads total on Facebook, and about 38% of those who earned their degree from the school are still in the Atlanta area. Fun fact of the day, Jimmy Carter was a Georgia Tech graduate. Over 57,000 people on Facebook claimed to have earned degrees from Georgia State. I hear those Panthers are playing in a new division on the football field this year.

Emory University has about 15,220 graduates still residing in the Atlanta area. University of West Georgia has over 21,000 grads in the area.


Popular musician Usher relocated to Georgia in hopes of success, and the entertainer has over 35,000 fellow fans on Facebook singing his songs in the area. Ludacris has about 18,000 fans in Atlanta where he attended high school and college and still resides today.

Hometown rock band The Black Crowes have over 2,900 fans in the Atlanta area. Soul singer Otis Redding left his hometown that is about an hour outside of Atlanta to sit on the dock of the bay. Otis Redding has about 2,600 fans around Atlanta.


Atlanta is home to many large corporate headquarters. Just to give a few examples, it is interesting to note the large amount of Atlantans employed by Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines. About 2,620 Facebook users in the Atlanta area are employed by Coca-Cola. Delta Airlines employees over 5,000 locals on the site.

Sites and Food

Over 12,100 fans enjoy visiting Stone Mountain and all of its awesome scenery. Zoo Atlanta has about 17,900 eying up those adorable Pandas.

On the food front, Mary Mac’s delicious southern cuisine has over 1,000 fans looking to fill their bellies. Between the two Vortex Bar & Grill locations, there are over 6,000 hometown fans enjoying those delicious foods and brews. The Varsity and its five locations throughout the area have over 58,000 fans on their Facebook page. That Chili Cheese Dog sounds pretty good right now.


Atlanta is a massive city that is continuing to grow. The city, and those who live around it, have a passion for their hometown’s great sites, great eats, great companies, and everything in between. Atlantans proudly display their favorite hometown pride in their Facebook profiles.