Atari, FlowPlay Partner for Atari Jackpots on Browser

Atari Jackpots TopAtari has announced its partnership with Vegas World creator FlowPlay to launch Atari Jackpots on browser. The free-to-play casino title allows players to create an avatar that represents them in a virtual casino, which contains slot machines based on classic Atari brands, including Asteroids, Breakout, Centipede, Lunar Lander, Missile Command, Tempest, Gravitar and Crystal Castles. Outside of slots, players can try to win virtual currency in Bingo, Video Poker, Solitaire and Blackjack modes.

In Atari Jackpots, players can create a standalone account, or connect to their Facebook profile. In terms of slots, players begin with a single Ateroids-themed slot machine, which can be customized with different bet amounts per spin. As players gamble their virtual chips, they earn experience points, and will unlock additional slot machines over time (along with actions for their avatar).

Meanwhile, the game’s Video Poker mode comes with two machines to start, based on puppies and swimsuits. The game’s Bingo hall allows players to play on up to four cards at once, while Blackjack is available in four different rooms. Finally, the game’s Solitaire mode allows users to choose from multiple deck styles, and challenges players to complete either random games or story-based games of high-low solitaire as they click on cards one number higher or lower than the active card on the discard pile.Atari JackpotsWhen playing games, players can activate Charms, which are premium consumables that increase a player’s winnings in each game. When playing a slot machine, for instance, players may win $1,600 from a lucky spin, and four active Charms may add an additional $3,648 in free chips to the received prize. These Charms have activity meters, so players can keep track of how much “power” they have left before they expire. When playing in a room with others, if any single person in the room purchases a Charm, every person in the room receives one as well.

If players hit the jackpot or witness something otherwise entertaining or extraordinary, they can take a photo of the event and save it to their in-game photo album. While slot machines offer the major Atari branding at the moment, a Centipede-branded version of solitaire and Charms inspired by Atari titles will be added to the game in the coming months.

Outside of playing these casino games, players can participate in parties with other players, including Charm Parties, which are VIP parties only available to users willing to “pay” to enter using a Charm. Players are also encouraged to spend their winnings unlocking suites in a Las Vegas-style resort. Players can host parties (including Charm Parties) or even virtual weddings in these rooms, and can invite their friends to participate with them. Rounding out these virtual settings are poolside and dance club environments. In all of these locations, players can chat with others in real time and activate special moves with their avatar, like waving or dancing.

Finally, players will earn achievements as they continue playing games in Atari Jackpots, and will earn new titles in the game world.

Atari Jackpots is available to play for free in your browser.