At $5 million a month, Fuzio’s sales show how much mobile devs really earn

GREE’s third quarter earnings results are revealing new information about how much money a top grossing mobile developer can earn. According to the report, as of April Funzio was seeing sales in excess of $5 million a month from its popular mid-core role-playing games Crime City, Modern War and Kingdom Age.

According to a GREE spokesperson, the sales figures represent Fuzio’s gross earnings on both mobile and social platforms. Looking at those figures, the performance of Funzio’s games and stats recorded by AppData, its possible to gain more insight into exactly how much money a top grossing mobile app can earn now.

According to AppData for the month of April, Crime City’s average position on the top grossing iPhone app chart was No. 24 and Modern War’s average chart placement was No. 20. After its debut on April 20, Kingdom Age’s average chart position was No. 24. Based on reports from last summer, we know that top grossing game can earn between $2 to $3 million a month on iOS. Funzio’s ability to earn $5 million a month in sales based ranking in the 20s on the top grossing chart, tells us that apps in the No. 1 position in the app store will earn more than $3 million now. We also know that Epic Games’ paid title Infinity Blade II earned $5 million within one month when it launched in December 2011. Given Funzio’s reported numbers, and the growth in the iTunes App Store, we can conclude that developers with multiple titles holding strong chart positions are potentially seeing sales in excess of $5 million a month.

GREE acquired Funzio for $210 million on May 1. Although the company was originally tight lipped about the state of Funzio’s finances, GREE has now revealed Funzio’s sales have been doubling quarter-over-quarter. In the quarter the company made its iOS debut, Funzio’s total sales were just over $2 million. The company’s sales almost tripled in the next quarter, increasing to $6 million between October and December 2011 and between January and March the company’s total sales had doubled again, reaching $12 million. In April the company’s sales exceed $5 million, partially due to the successful release of Funzio’s latest game, Kingdom Age on iOS.