Ashton Kutcher Launches Blah Girls

Debuting at TechCrunch 50 is new gossip site dubbed Blah Girls. The site is owned by Holywood Actor Ashton Kutcher. And as such, the expectations for the site are pretty much high. But playing game and all, Kutcher played it like a true Silicon Valley startup developer and even presented Blah Girls infront of a panel of judges, one of them was Google’s Marissa Meyer.Blah Girls features a group of animated teenage girls who give opinion on what’s going on in the entertainment world. Yes, we kind of expect that, knowing that Kutcher is behind the site and blah being synonymous to gossip. Blah Girls is basically a video animation of three cartoon girls. You might think of them as the Powerfuff Girls of entertainment news invading the online video world. Yeah, that’s probably the simplest way to describe what Blah Girls is all about.

The Blah Girls will deliver up to date celeb trends and news in a witty manner. The video will be updated regularly as well. But, whereas the Powerpuff girls was aimed at kids, Blah Girls is not.

For the social networking part of Blah Girls, user’s can create an account and login to the site to comment on a particular video episode. Blah Girls, the site will then send you an email with a URL to the site’s comment response page. In addition, you can also ask the Blah Girls for gossip advice although we doubt if you can get a pretty sensible answer from those Girls. But anyway, the site was not meant to be serios anyway. In fact, I think of it as satire hitting on the mad entertainment world.

From the words of Ashton Kutcher, Blah Girls’ core will be on creating high quality content, will focus on interactivity and social engagement for retention as its advertising model, and a seamless integrated branded content.

While visiting the site, I must admit find it pretty well cooked up. Although the video content is its major product, other elements of a good web 2.0 site is also present. The site design is catchy and really emits a sense of fun, satire, fun and satire.

It’s too early to tell if the Blah Girls video will reach a certain level of virality achieved by famous user-generated video content in YouTube. But who knows, it might actually pull one through. One thing’s for sure, it was a pretty good domain and site name.