As Expected SGN Launches iBaseball

Earlier this month I wrote that SGN is finding success with their iPhone applications. At the time I mentioned that iBaseball would surely be the next game. Looks like that prediction came true pretty quickly. Today the company announced the release of iBaseball and as with the others, this first version is definitely a basic version of the application.

You start off the game by pitching either curveballs or fastballs and attempting to strike out 3 batters (as in normal baseball). The pitch appears to be relatively sensitive to the angle of the phone. The one thing that was annoying was that accidentally clicking the button on the side of the phone ended up pushing the application back to the home screen.

Once you finish pitching the ball at insanely fast speeds (I was able to manage pitching at 116 miles per hour), it’s your turn to bat. Batting is pretty straightforward and definitely simple. Just watch the ball come down toward the plate and swing at the appropriate time. While simple, I wasn’t too successful at it. I hit around 6 balls across 3 batters.

It’s definitely interesting to see SGN rolling out one Wii-like game after the other, all of which have so far been at least number one on the chart at some point soon after launch. So far iBaseball has not been a hit but I’m guessing within the next 24 hours we’ll see the application move to the top of the charts. If you want to take a shot at beating my fastball speed, go download the iBaseball application.