As Candidates Give Final Spin, It’s Time To Vote


Today is the day, and PRNewser hopes you’re getting to your local voting stations. The campaigns have been at it until the final minute themselves, hoping to sway any undecideds.

“You’ve filled me with new hope for our future, and you’ve reminded me about what makes America so special,” Obama told 90,000 at a rally in Manassas, Virginia last night. McCain hit seven states on election eve, telling voters the difference between him and Obama is the “fundamental philosophy about the role of government, taxes, redistribution of the wealth, this whole far-left liberal philosophy that he’s been part of.”

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports Obama Communications Director Robert Gibbs “has the inside track to be press secretary” if Obama is elected.

We hope that you spend at least part of your time reading and watching the coverage here on Our new “Press List” has a recap of some of the election night events, as well as TVNewser’s “Election Hangover” party on Thursday.