, The New Facebook Phishing Scam (Updated)

Facebook phishing scams won’t seem to go away. Today a new scam appears to be spreading through people’s Facebook inboxes: It’s another obscure URL and it’s just like all the other ones that have been spreading around the site. As soon as you login to the site, it will steal your email and password and then log you into Facebook. Within a short period of time the system will automatically switch your password and block you from the site.

It then goes on to send the same URL to all your friends. Whoever is behind the scam has been steadily amassing a large number of email addresses and passwords over the past few weeks. Some days as much as three scams will spread throughout the site (possibly even more). Facebook rapidly shuts down all references to the site but by then the scam has spread to thousands of users.

It’s only a matter a time before similar scams pop-up and given that these appear to be identical to all the others, the scammers behind this dirty trick are most likely collecting hundreds of thousands if not millions of emails by now. Facebook has been in a full-fledged war with spammers and hackers and this is only the latest round of that battle. Over the coming weeks and months you can pretty much guarantee that we’ll see more of them.

While the most recent scams are not like the versions seen years ago on MySpace, there is clearly bad intent behind the scams. So far the majority of the scams do not result in actual viruses on a user’s computer but you can assume that these new scam “worms” will most likely result in something malicious at some point. Whatever the scammers are looking to accomplish, they have been extremely effective at defeating Facebook spam prevention system.

I just received another email with a link to, another scam site. And another site now: Another at