Are Zynga Partnerships the New Hot Thing?

Photo: Reuters

Lady Gaga is creating her own town — “Gagaville” — through a partnership with Zynga, the makers of Farmville, and Clear Channel, which will promote her new album “Born This Way,” released May 23. Between May 17 and 29, fans and digital farmers can visit Gagaville to get new songs and exclusive content from the album, purchase a $25 card to buy in-game items, and check out the unicorns and motorcycle-riding sheep.

“‘GagaVille’ is a sign that artists are going where the fans are, and that is on Facebook, Twitter and playing online games,” Yahoo says. And Lady Gaga isn’t the first to recognize that.

The Hollywood Reporter notes a recent Zynga collaboration with the animated movie Rango and a partnership with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg for the video game “Mafia Wars.” And we mentioned last week that Bing used Farmville for a promotion that resulted in 400,000 new Facebook followers in nine hours.

So will marketers be flocking to Farmville for their next big campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments or @PRNewser.

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