Are You Feeling ‘Facebook Fatigue?’

The UK’s Times Online writes that while everyone from politicians to film stars seems to have a Facebook profile these days, the social networking phenomenon may have peaked now that the number of British users of the site has fallen for the first time:

“Analysts are speaking of ‘Facebook fatigue’ after figures showed a 5 per cent decline from 8.9 million unique visitors to the website in December to 8.5 million last month,” the report said. “The fall could be a seasonal dip – Facebook’s audience is still 712 per cent higher than it was a year ago and 9 per cent higher than three months ago.”

Competing sites, including MySpace, Bebo, and Yahoo, have also lost part of their audiences over the same time period. With influential tech columnists already predicting that Facebook is in a death spiral, could this be the beginning of the end, or just a blip?