MySpace Platform Rumors Appear False

Mike Arrington supposedly had a scoop that MySpace is opening its platform. Josh Quittner, is saying that the rumor is false and he’s not the only one. It sounds like MySpace will be announcing something (an application directory or a instant messaging client) but nobody knows exactly what it is. So did Arrington pull the trigger a little too early? We won’t know until next week.

I have been speaking with a lot of my development contacts and the only people I’ve been able to contact are those that are launching on the Google platform. Even Google has been finding it difficult to launch their platform around the November 5th deadline. A number of people that I have spoken with have said that the Google platform is experiencing similar trends to those that Facebook faced prior to launching.

Facebook developers that were part of the platform launch were forced to deal with poor documentation, randomly deprecated functions and lack of communication. Sound like a similar case with the new platform. I have yet to get in touch with any of the developers on the new MySpace platform though. I guess we are going to have to wait and see what happens at the Web 2.0 summit next week. Until then, keep on building those Facebook applications!

According to people who spoke with Myspace last week, MySpace is going to be launching a beta program with 10 partners. A few of these companies are the normal players (RockYou and Slide). There will also be a few others as well. The actual open API won’t be launching until first quarter of next year though.