Are Social Networks for Children?

Fred Wilson seems to think so. According to him, “The blogging revolution is the adult social network whereas Facebook style social networking is for teens and college kids.” This is just a generalized assertion with no statistical backing. Do adults comprise the majority of the bloggers? In this country they represent the majority of the population but I’m not so sure that they represent the majority of bloggers.

For most bloggers, writing is a self-centered activity. People write about their daily activities, their thoughts on life, and why their boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with them. People definitely write about other issues but I would guess that most bloggers are not as connected as Fred would imagine. I started thinking about this for a little bit and honestly at a certain point are social networks really necessary? It’s an extremely useful tool for those looking to build their network but how about those that aren’t?

According to Facebook the average number of users on the site are connected to 100 people. Does the novelty of social networks eventually wear out? How long can we collect contacts a network without getting overwhelmed by the noise? My Salesforce account and LinkedIn account are both two places where I’m free from the noise. Facebook on the other hand keeps me up to date on the happenings of 1,000 of my closest friends.

Do you think blogging is for adults? How frequently do you login to Facebook and other social networks?

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