Are Facebook's Design Intentions Misguided?

Facebook has been improving upon their new profile design since the beginning of the year. I showed screenshots of one of the new design elements and Facebook has posted other photos on the Facebook profile previews page. When I saw the images that I posted last night, the first thing that I thought to myself is that Facebook is creating a social toolbar that theoretically can be used anywhere on the web while browsing.

If you abstract this a little further, in theory you could have social tags that you use within any design to display social content about a user. On my blog I can put all of my social data by using tags and a simple javascript library that would parse those tags when the page loads (or a wordpress plugin, etc) and it will retrieve that data from Facebook. How did I that data get approved to be displayed on my website? Simple, it used the Facebook Connect service which is soon to launch.

Additionally, data can be displayed dynamically based on the type of visitor that comes to the website. If they are a Facebook user and one of my friends they will see one contact email address, whereas another visitor would see a different email which I use for public purposes. I came to this conclusion because after reading the Facebook profile preview feedback, I’ve realized that not all the users will ever be happy. Is it possible to have one profile design that works for everybody in the world? No way!

There are two options for Facebook: let people customize the design of their profiles or let people extend their profiles to other websites. My guess is that it will be the latter. While I want to own my social data, the reality is that I’m still going to need a single control panel to access and modify that data and determine who has access to that data. If Facebook truly believes that the whole world will fit into their simple profile design, they are honestly fooling themselves.

Have you seen the new profile designs? Do you think Facebook intends for everybody to use the new profile designs or will people be able to make custom layouts outside of Facebook using the data they enetered?