Are Any Agencies Forgoing Their Holiday Party This Year?

[image: PRNewser’s 2008 Holiday Party]

Our sibling blog AgencySpy has a list of things holiday parties should include this year. One point on the list:

Give as much money as possible to the lowest ranking people. Always. They’ll appreciate it more and be less likely to walk away later. There’s a dearth of loyalty in this business and the easiest way to earn it is to earn it. Someone who makes $30k will appreciate a $2,000 check more than the guy who takes home $200k and a $10k bonus. He’s milking you, you’re milking the $30k kid.

Our question – are any agencies forgoing their holiday parties this year and replacing them with a more low key event, or as AgencySpy suggested, straight cash to employees? Last year we received this tip about one large agency’s party:

Drinks will be flowing, but food will not. You may want to eat beforehand…Please accept this invite if you really plan on attending as we will be using this for our final headcount!

Oh, and yes, PRNewser’s holiday party is tomorrow in New York. We hope you can make it. Lastly: please send all holiday party stories, pictures, videos to prnewser at