AppsSavvy Announces Media Buyer Dashboard

Today, Appssavvy announced a new dashboard for media buyers which enables them to manage all of their advertising campaigns across the Facebook networks. The application ties directly into Sometrics to provide media buyers with up to the minute demographic profiles for each application. Want to buy ads on an application with 75 percent male in the age group 18-24? Grab an ad on the Total Sports Fan application.

The backend also provides media buyers with a way to track all of their active campaigns currently active on the network. The combination of Sometrics data with AppsSavvy’s platform will enable media buyers to have immediate access to demographic targeted campaigns. This is the first ad network that I’m aware of to provide robust back-end services to the advertiser.

I’m guessing that this will spark a trend of other ad networks releasing similar offerings. The key here is how this partnership leverages the power of Sometrics. Just last month Sometrics announced their social ad platform which empowers the developer to choose how they would like to optimize the display of advertisements based on demographic information.

This is an early step toward the optimization of advertisements on social platform applications. While the platforms continue to be plagued with poor advertisements, these new solutions will most definitely help improve the quality over time.