Appnext Launches Self-Serve Ad Platform with CPI Bidding for App Advertisers

AppnextMobile monetization and distribution platform Appnext has announced the launch of the Appnext Self-Serve Advertising Platform, which allows developers and advertisers to know exactly where their apps are being promoted, as well as which publishers and app categories perform best, among other details. The Self-Serve Advertising Platform allows app advertisers to place direct CPI bids on specific publisher sources.

In addition to choosing the specific publisher, developers can select the country, ad size, unit, etc. and then make as many changes as they need to optimize their results without working with an account manager. This may include adjusting CPI bids to reach a positive return-on-investment for each source, and scaling the top-performing ones accordingly.

In the two weeks since the Self-Serve Advertising Platform went live, over 100 new advertisers have signed up. More than 90 percent of these have re-signed to the service, after their initial budget finished.

“Appnext is enabling app advertisers to get in the driver’s seat and be the ones in direct control over their app distribution,” said Elad Natanson, founder of Appnext, in a statement. “For the first time, mobile advertisers have a self-serve system with CPI bidding campaigns where they have access to all the campaign information and are able to optimize their activity without needing to go through an account manager.”

Appnext serves over five billion app requests each month, recommending apps to 230 million mobile users around the world. The company’s platform allows developers to create native ads, which match the look and feel of an app’s design and user experience, and also supports feeds of recommended apps, which help generate revenue for both advertisers and publishers.