Appnewser’s Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day Apps & Videos

Perhaps you’re already tired of hearing too much about Valentine’s day? Even if you’ve got a jaded heart, we’ve got a good selection of equally snarky singles-oriented items to share. Let’s start with this great video, The Truth About Being Single.

If you really like being single, or if you find that finding that perfect someone is particularly difficult, maybe it’s time to examine why? This video Less Than One, and this accompanying calculation can you you your chances of finding THE ONE. Mine was .004 person (based on my location). Yay Love.

Less Than One from artperezjr on Vimeo.


If you’re optimistic about your chances, here are apps that will help you find love: this one uses your salad choice, this one gives you a match every day, this one uses your Instagram photos, this one gives you random sex, and these use your current location.

If all else fails, this app will give you a virtual girlfriend. Likewise, a virtual boyfriend is also available. If you like animals more than people, we suggest getting a Tamochi pet. Google Play also has a large selection of recommended romance fiction for $.99 each so you can imagine what it’s like to have love.

For those seeking a more optimistic view of Valentines Day, this free animated short from Disney is available as a free download through Google Play.

Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story – Trailer on Disney Video




If you are already in love, we suggest these digital tools and apps for sharing your affections: printable Mad Scientist Valentines, writing a song about your true love, sending a sexy text with this SMS generator, quickly penning a love letter with this letter generator, playing some sexy tunes with this free Valentine’s day playlist from Spotify, making a romantic meal for two with recipes from Foodie, sending virtual cards from Paperless Post.







If none of that works, you can always break up.

Did we miss your favorite? Share it in the comments below!