Facebook Launches New Application and Platform Privacy Dashboard

Today Facebook is launching a new dashboard that helps provide visibility and control over how applications use your data. The dashboard combines two previously separate  screens for managing application and Platform privacy.

The dashboard lets users see and control three major things:

1. Users can see all the permissions they’ve granted to an application.

Previously users would allow applications access to data upon install but there was no way to see what they had granted after the fact.

2. Users can manage what permissions an app have over time.

Users grant some persistent permissions upon install, such as the ability to access your profile data at any time. Now users can remove those permissions after the fact. They can control the permissions one by one on a granular basis, or remove the app completely.

3. Users can see what API calls an apps are making on their behalf.

Users will now have access to a detailed log of exactly what APIs their apps are calling. Users can see which data is being pulled from them, or from their friends on their behalf. Application developers will also get better visibility of what data they’re pulling.

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