Apple to Honor iTunes Store Season Passes

At least they’re doing the right thing. iTunes users who saw subscriptions to their favorite TV shows cut short because of the three-month-long writers strike will get some compensation from Apple in the form of free episodes and store credit, according to Macworld:

“Apple said Tuesday that it plans to offer two free episodes to Season Pass subscribers. The free episodes are being touted as a ‘thank you’ to customers for their patience during the Writers Guild of America strike. Apple says the credit can be used to buy TV shows, music videos, or short films on the iTunes Store.”

The report said that while many of the shows available with Season Passes are returning to the airwaves with a full slate of episodes, other shows have seen their seasons cut short by the strike. In that case, Apple plans to credit subscribers for the number of unaired episodes in a Season Pass. “For example, subscribers with a Season Pass for a show that only aired 10 of its scheduled 15 episodes would get credit for the five unaired episodes.”