Apple Tablet Rumor Roundup Countdown: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One day left. After this, one more rumor roundup. As you’ll recall, eBookNewser is counting down while roundup up. We’re down to seven rumors left till the tablet itself is unveiled, or isn’t. Oddly, it’s beginning to seem like some of this is real information, not just blog posts balanced delicately on wishes…

7. MacRumors has a picture of Apple prepping the Yerba Buena Center for its big event. The banners the company is tacking up to the side of the building look like the invite above.

6. ZDNet explains Apple’s agency sales model, which it’s supposedly pitching to publishers.

5. We’re late in posting this LA Times piece that’s been much talked about today, speculating as to how the tablet might change publishing.

4. The Wall Street Journal reports that Jobs has alluded to the tablet publicly for the first time, calling whatever Apple is unveiling tomorrow, “a major new product that we are really excited about.”

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