Apple Tablet Rumor Roundup and Countdown: Monday, January 25, 2010

In honor of Apple tablet week, and the Wednesday event that will hopefully bring an end to eBookNewser’s Apple tablet rumor roundups, we’re going to combine these last three roundups with a countdown to the release of the tablet. So, we’ll start with Rumor 10 and make our way down to 0 by Wednesday, when Apple will unveil the tablet and bring peace to the world and long lines of drooling Apple nerds to the nearest Apple store some time in the next few months. So, here we go…

10. eWeek reports that Apple is set to announce its quarterly earnings for the last quarter today, and that the company’s 2010 earnings are likely to be affected by the tablet. Duh.

9. Online electronics retailer Retrevo polled its customers about the Apple tablet late last week and published the results on the company blog. In answer to a question about whether a price tag over $700 would prevent them from buying the tablet, 70% said that it would. Do you hear that Apple? Let’s make this tablet a cheapie!

8. Finally, for today, Pocket Lint has actual photos of what the blog believes to be a four-screen tablet that Apple will unveil on Wednesday. [*This one’s a joke, but a kinda funny one.]

Ok, no more about the tablet today, unless some real news surfaces, or unless no real news surfaces.