Apple Now Accepting iPad Apps

Developers eager to have their apps in the iPad App Store when the iPad launches need to get their work completed and submitted to Apple by 5 PM, Saturday, March 27. Of course, none of the developers actually have an iPad, so they will have to test their work using the simulator in the iPhone SDK 3.2, beta 5. It’s bad enough the apps won’t be tested on actual hardware, but they will be tested on a beta simulator to boot. Users shouldn’t be surprised if the first apps they install have bugs. Hopefully the update process for apps will be very quick. As stated in this post on The Official Apple Weblog, Apple probably does not have much of a choice with such a short period of time between now and the launch. I had the impression that iPhone apps would run on the iPad, so if that is the case, won’t there be plenty of apps in the store at launch?